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Quilled Cupcake

This is my first attempt at quilling.  I cut all the strips to 1/4″ and hand rolled it since I did not have tools at the time.  I used a template from the book 50 Nifty Quilled Cards by Alli Bartkowski.

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Purple Cupcake Card

It’s been a long time since my last post.  Blogging is like keeping a journal…something I have to work hard at to maintain and and at least post weekly.  Life just takes over and I keep putting blogging on hold, but I will try to do better from now on.

So, to start again here is a card I made for my friend’s birthday.  She loves purple (who doesn’t?) and she loves to bake so I decided to make her a cupcake card.


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Playing with stamps

I always ooh and aah over stamps, but rarely ever buy them because I don’t normally use them.  Joann’s had a great sale on stamps and I decided to purchase one.  Two weeks later I finally got around to playing with them.  I wanted to create simple hello/thinking of you cards, so I made some just to get a feel for stamping.  Here is what I came up with:

Hello CardsHello Cards

Materials Used:

Cardstock – Kraft (The Paper Company)
Stamp – Peacock/hello (Michael’s); Just saying hello/Just because (TPC Studio)
Ink – Navy Blue, Black, Purple, Brown, Green, and Deep Green (Rubber Stampede)
Misc – Round corner punch (Fiskars)

That’s it for now.  Tomorrow I will post some food pictures since I am still editing my sister’s birthday card and my mother’s day card.

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Tri-Step Card

Another interesting fold from Laura Lipe’s blog and it was really simple to do. I chose it for my brother-in-law’s birthday.

Here is the front:

Tri-Step Front

The Side:
Tri-Step Inside

Materials Used:
Cardstock -Boysenberry (The Paper Company); Cream
Patterned Paper – Garage Sale Collection (Recollections)
Stamp – Brush Stroke Greetings (TPC Studio)
Ink – Brown (Rubber Stampede)

Instructions can be found here.

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Funky Fold Card

Since I posted absolutely nothing in April (did I mention I’m horrible at maintaining anything resembling a journal) I am incredibly behind on posting all the projects I’ve accomplished last month. So, I will bombard the beginning of this month with all those posts I should have written last month.

I find it harder to create cards for males than females since it seems so much more limited. Patterned paper, colors, and embellishments all seem to be targeted towards a more feminine audience. To compensate, I have opted to go for interesting card folds when it comes to making masculine cards. A great fold I found on Laura Lipe’s blog is this funky fold card. I love her blog.  I chose this fold for my friend’s birthday.

Funky Fold Front
My friend is a theoretical chemist so I thought it would be fun to incorporate it into his card.  The side images were created using an online program I happened to stumble upon one night (sadly, I have lost the website url) that creates newspaper clipping images.  The newspaper clipping is actually the abstract from my friend’s work that was published on an online journal.  Technically, theoretical chemists do not handle actual chemicals, but I ran out of ideas and I liked the color on the beakers image so I placed it on the bottom anyway.  The periodical table of elements greeting was a pain for sure, but worth it since it turned out great.  I tried to just use images I found online, but they had too many numbers/words that it became blurred when I minimized it, so I just made my own on Photoshop.  I’m super proud of this one. (^_^)

From the side:
Funky Fold Side

Materials Used:

Cardstock – Brown, Red, Blue, Green (The Paper Company); White for the greeting and images
Ink – Walnut Antiquing Solution (Tsukineko)
Misc – Foam squares

Instructions can be found here.

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First Pop-up Card

For my friend Paige’s birthday I wanted to do a more girly, fun card.  Originally, I was going to make a topsy-turvy cake card, but when I saw a cake pop-up card I knew I just had to make that instead.  So, I followed the instructions from Dawn’s Stamping Studio and since I do not own any die cutters, I clicked on the flyer link and used the diagram as a stencil for my pop-up card.  Unfortunately, I think my proportions were a little off since my cake looks nothing like hers…or I just suck at pop-up cards.  Let’s just say halfway though I was kicking myself for not going for the easier topsy-turvy cake.  The final result is not what I was expecting, but it isn’t horrible either.  My next one (if there ever is one lol) will be better for sure.

Here it is:


And, um, yes…she’s obviously turning 26…sorry to let the world know Paige ^_^
Recollections Cardstock (Black and Red)
Patterned Paper Carstock (Girls Night Out Theme)
K&Company (Mini Flower Accents)
ki Memories Funky Paper Pad II (pink paper)
Jelly Roll pink star pen
Elegant Writer 2.5mm calligraphy pen
It’s actually a simple process…just a little frustrating.  I seriously think my proportions were off since my cake layers were a little lopsided and the strips kept unsticking.  i just hope when she gets it it’ll still be in one piece :/

Hope yours is better than mine. ^_^

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Clock Birthday Card

Okay, so I know it’s been a long time since I last blogged, but I have finally found some time to post some of the pictures I’ve been accumulating (and it’s a lot!).  I’m just hoping this is not going to be like my journal/diaries, wherein I write ten entries and forget all about it. First up is my friend Joanne’s birthday card.  Although, I made a lot of food during the holidays, I decided to post this first because I was extremely proud of it and because my friend Ryan requested it.  I created a good two dozen cards for the holidays, but for some reason took not a single picture.  sigh.  But it’s okay since this is my favorite thus far, and is probably the most polished.
Before I begin, I must admit that I have an addiction to paper crafts and food.  Pretty much I am much more content spending hours in either a craft store or a grocery store than a clothing store.  So, on my 5th trip to a Michaels while I was on vacation in New Jersey, I found this awesome The At Home cardstock set from DCWV in the clearance section [which in itself was amazing since it was the only Michaels I’ve ever been into that had one (and I’ve been to many)].  Anyway,  I saw a cardstock full of clocks and thought: oh, this is going to be great to use to make fun of her turning older.  A month later this is what I came up with:

Front Cover

It was a little difficult getting the true colors to come out, but it’s pretty much an off white cardstock with brown and ivory clocks, brown cardstock, white pearls, light blue and ivory paper, and a light blue metallic pen.  Here is a closer look at the details.


Those pearls took three times longer than I thought it would take to put them on.  I bought sticker pearls that came strung together, so I thought okay this will be so much faster than putting them on one by one.  However, the glue string that holds those suckers together pretty much likes to only go in one direction: straight…so making those curves were a pain.  Let’s just say I was not a happy camper by the time I finished the pearls, but  it was worth it, no? =)  Here is the inside inscription:

Inside Inscription

(awwww…lol)  So, when I finished the front and was about to make a smart-mouth comment inside I realized that to make fun of her would be making fun of myself since I’m only 2 months younger. =/  Instead, I became very sentimental and emotional and wrote this instead.  I realized after that this card can be both platonic and romantic.  So, if you want to use it for something or someone special like an anniversary I think it would also work.

How to:

1. Trim clock cardstock to desired size (in my case it was 4.5″ x 8″)
2. Cut brown paper (I used cardstock) to desired shape.  Keep in mind your pearls will follow the curvature of the paper.
3. Glue paper to cardstock
4. Apply pearls.  You can trace out your design or freestyle it like I did.
5. Cut a small rectangle out of light blue paper and ivory paper (smaller than the blue).
6. Write inscription.
7. Trim light blue paper to 4″ x 7.5″  for inside of card.
8. Write inscription.
9. Create an envelope.  I had to make an envelope because I made a mistake in my measurements and my card was too big for my envelopes.  I didn’t write down my measurements so I will have to post a blog later on how to make a basic envelope.


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