Pão de Queijo

06 Mar
Pão de queijo is Brazilian cheese bread.  If you’ve never had it then please make a batch of this recipe, buy the mix, or buy the frozen dough balls because they are delicious.  Over the holidays I decided to make these savory snacks from scratch since I am not a fan of box mixes.  They were such a hit this recipe was made four times in 2 weeks.  I’m surprised I even have a picture of them baked since every time I turned around to grab more from the oven a bunch of the ones I already placed on the plate or bowl were missing. =)
Although I made my cousin promise never to share this recipe or show how to make it, I decided to post the link to the recipe I used.  I did this primarily because it is not my personal recipe.  Second, I was going to write that it is a basic recipe and similar to all recipes on the Internet, but I did some research to verify this statement and I was incorrect.  Although I have not made any of the other recipes, based solely on the pictures and ingredients alone, the recipe below seems closer to the pão de queijo I am familiar with.  It’s so good I want everyone to know it!
Recipe from Sonia Portuguese.
dough Dough once all ingredients have been incorporated.
ballsFormed into balls…or as close as my cousin and I could get it.
baked Some of the baked pão de queijo.
Although any tapioca flour will work, buy from an Asian store as it is WAY cheaper.  I think I bought my tapioca starch for less than $2, but Bob’s Red Mill’s taopica flour is around $5-$6.  In Brazil, they supposedly use manioc flour*, which tapioca flour comes from, so I bought some from a Brazilian store to test out flavor and texture differences.  I also bought a box of Yoki pão de queijo mix to test as well.    I’ll post those pictures at a later date when I get to actually conducting the experiments.
*Here’s a great article on the difference between manioc v tapioca flour.
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