01 Mar
I know people usually say their mom makes the best [insert food here], but my mom makes amazing palabok.  It’s so addicting…I can’t stop eating it until I’m bursting, which is why I only eat it when I’m home for the holidays.  For those who don’t know what palabok is, it is a Filipino noodle dish consisting primarily of ground pork, shrimp, noodles, onions, garlic, green onions, hard boiled egg, and crushed pork rinds.  You can find it in almost any Filipino restaurant since it’s a comfort food and extremely popular.
My mom’s version is technically called pansit luglug because she uses thick, luglug noodles instead of the thin palabok noodles, but I’ve never heard anyone call it pansit luglug.  They’re both pretty much called palabok, regardless of the noodles used.  And because it is my mother’s recipe I cannot include the recipe because she won’t let me. LOL.  But here are some pictures and some of the cooking methods.  It’s pretty basic and probably the same as most palabok recipes…I’m just biased because she’s my mom.
Here are the ingredients:
Palabok Ingredients
So, you saute your onions and minced garlic to golden brown.  Then, add your ground pork and cook until browned.  Add ground pepper and the Mama Sita mix (or whatever palabok mix you prefer) and the recommended water or as much water to your liking (my mom doesn’t exactly measure).  Then add the achute (annatto) powder until you reach a dark burnt orange color.  Simmer for a few minutes and your sauce is complete.
Cook your noodles until they are soft, hard boil eggs, and saute the peeled shrimp with some achute powder for color.
Achute Shrimp umm…I went a little overboard with the achute here since I didn’t want any leftover powder and just dumped the rest in hence the clumps of achute powder.
Combine noodles and sauce, cover with ground pork rinds, and decorate with sliced eggs, shrimp, and sliced green onions.
Finished Palabok
Ta-da!  My mom’s is definitely prettier, but I don’t think it’s so bad.  To prevent the yolks from breaking like mine boil the eggs the day before and let harden in the refrigerator overnight or at least for a few hours.
Here’s my single (um double serving) of palabok:
Single Serving (um ok probably at least double serving)
I know it’s like being a tease by not posting the recipe, but I just had to share this since I was so proud I made it so well.  I think it’s better than my mom’s ::gasp:: People who ate it loved it and someone wanted to pay me to make it! Woot!!


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