First Pop-up Card

01 Mar
For my friend Paige’s birthday I wanted to do a more girly, fun card.  Originally, I was going to make a topsy-turvy cake card, but when I saw a cake pop-up card I knew I just had to make that instead.  So, I followed the instructions from Dawn’s Stamping Studio and since I do not own any die cutters, I clicked on the flyer link and used the diagram as a stencil for my pop-up card.  Unfortunately, I think my proportions were a little off since my cake looks nothing like hers…or I just suck at pop-up cards.  Let’s just say halfway though I was kicking myself for not going for the easier topsy-turvy cake.  The final result is not what I was expecting, but it isn’t horrible either.  My next one (if there ever is one lol) will be better for sure.

Here it is:


And, um, yes…she’s obviously turning 26…sorry to let the world know Paige ^_^
Recollections Cardstock (Black and Red)
Patterned Paper Carstock (Girls Night Out Theme)
K&Company (Mini Flower Accents)
ki Memories Funky Paper Pad II (pink paper)
Jelly Roll pink star pen
Elegant Writer 2.5mm calligraphy pen
It’s actually a simple process…just a little frustrating.  I seriously think my proportions were off since my cake layers were a little lopsided and the strips kept unsticking.  i just hope when she gets it it’ll still be in one piece :/

Hope yours is better than mine. ^_^

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Posted by on March 1, 2011 in Cards, Paper Crafts


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