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Mini Square Cakes

Here is another set of pictures of cakes I made during the holidays.  My cousin Marimel threw a small get together and I wanted to make some desserts for it.  I’m more into mini cakes and cupcakes than large cakes lately, so it’s probably why my first project for the holidays were square mini cakes (sorry, that my time line is so warped).  I wanted a slight challenge, but nothing too complicated.  So, for her party I decided to make four flavors using as little components as possible.  Basically, I made a white cake, a chocolate cake (the same one I used for my salted caramel cupcakes), buttercream, and a brown butter glaze.
Chocolate Peppermint
Chocolate Salted Caramel
White Cinnamon Brown Butter
White Coconut (I know not very Christmas-y, but the only extracts I had left was coconut and lemon.  Plus, the coconut was snow-y, right?)
So, I baked the cakes, made simple syrup for soaking, salted caramel, and made and flavored buttercream.  When the cakes were cooled I cut them into squares, soaked each layer with simple syrup, filled, and crumb coated.
After letting the cakes harden in the refrigerator, I finished icing them with buttercream and decorated.
Chocolate PeppermintFor the Chocolate Peppermint: I crumbled leftover chocolate cake and covered the whole cake and dusted with powdered sugar.
Salted Caramel For the Chocolate Salted Caramel: I covered the sides with chocolate cake crumbs, piped a basketweave on top
Cinnamon Brown Butter For the White Cinnamon Brown Butter: I made the glaze for this and my mom actually coated it herself (her first time!) Once she put her glasses on she did an amazing job! LOL. Then I placed edible gold leaf to give it some shine and elegance. This was my favorite out of all of them…although I want to find a way to make it less sweet.
CoconutFor the White Coconut: My mom patted coconut flakes on these.
And here are all the completed cakes…way more than was necessary for the gathering, but I had fun making them and watching my mom, who’s not too fond of baking, help me.
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Red Velvet Balls

Okay, so I am horribly behind on posting all of my holiday projects, but given this is Valentine’s Day I figured I would post at least the red velvet ones since they fit the color theme. 🙂
Truthfully, I am not a red velvet fan because of the high amount of red food coloring needed to achieve its hue, but my sister is very fond of it so I decided to make her some for Christmas.  I also found a red velvet angel food cake recipe from Michelle’s Story.  Light, fluffy cakes are my type of cakes so I was excited to make this recipe.  I learned three important lessons while attempting this project: First, candy melts and I do not get along.  Second, angel food cake does not crumble well unless it’s been completely dried out.  Lastly, all the food coloring I used just makes me stick to eating Devil’s Food cake instead of Red Velvet.  It is after all what red velvet originated from…oh, and that roux icing is much better than cream cheese icing.
I baked the angel food cake pretty much as was written in the recipe instruction, but baked it in a sheet pan instead since it was going to be crumbled anyway.  Then I had my cousin run the cake(it cooled overnight) through a cooling rack.  We then added cream cheese frosting to the crumbs just until it could hold a ball shape.
Red Velvet CrumbsRolled Red Velvet Balls
Yes, the crumbs look odd and the balls look like meatballs, but they tasted good.  I promise!  The balls were placed in the refrigerator while I melted the candy melts to harden.  This is where I began to get annoyed and things went downhill.  Originally these were to be mini cupcakes…as in they were going to be placed into peanut butter cup molds, but the balls my cousin and I rolled were too small.  Since it was late I decided to just coat them.  Maybe it was because the balls were too cold, but the chocolate was blooming after I dipped them.  I tried to fix it, but got too frustrated and, yes, gave up.  But the end results were a lot better than I expected.  Add some pink (because I couldn’t get red) stripes and some gold dust and ta da! Pretty red velvet “bon bons.”
Finished A closer look


***I had left over batter than I poured into mini tube pans that I later turned into wreaths.  Those pictures will go up with the rest of the holiday cakes though.***
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